I'm a first year, local artist at 33 Lions Tattoo in Richmond, Indiana. I've always had a love for creating and a desire to share it with others. I have finally found a new passion and career that allows me to do just that. Tattoos were introduced to me at a young age by my father, and as I grew up, I knew that I wanted to decorate my body with art just like his. I hope to spread this love of tattoos with my own little family as I grow as an artist.

I have a degree in art education and attended the art school at Ball State University. Before getting into tattooing, I was a middle school art teacher for 4 years. My love for art started at a young age and I've been drawing ever since I can remember. Creating doesn't stop with my tattooing either, I love to paint and draw, but my favorite medium to create is printmaking!

I'm so excited for this journey and what it has in store. If you want to book with me check out my instagram or Facebook page and fill out a booking form here on my website! Thank you for supporting me and my art!